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Hello Farmers Boys , long time no hear ! I always wondered what happened to such a great band and how after a brilliant song like "I Built THe World" they just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. And now I find this site and see theres a whole back history to listen to. I heard that single on the John Peel show and bought it that week,but how could such a record not even chart. In recent years I,ve been very nostalgic for pop music from the first half of the 80s and you guys are right, it did go down hill for a few years after 84.I was very much into 60s and west coast rock but you realize looking back what agreat time for new music the 80s were and I didn't appreciate it at the time. Now I,m playing Flamenco/Fingerpicking full time but this summer I want to record a tribute record to Gene Clark by covering early 80s pop songs in his country rock style and I Built The World is top of the list amoung songs by The Smiths,Cure,Bunnymen,Associates,etc. If next year I release my efforts I might need copyright info and/or permission so please someone contact Craig on Thank everyone, nice site.

By Craig McTaggart on 2013/04/14

One day i'll have to dig out the cassette of the six song live show recorded for Peel, that was a highlight, as was Kid/King?? Brian's spoken introduction to another session - i can still recall the words "what were once willow lined banks seething with nature's rich tapestry have been desecrated by dredging carried out by the AWA, errr this is an angry song. Can I go home now?" that's almost verbatim.

By Neil on 2011/10/20

Still love listening to you, evidently so does Stewart Lee, heard 'In the Country' on his show a few weeks ago.... With These Hands should be re-issued!

By Barry on 2011/05/25

HELP!! Cannot find a c/d version of "With These Hands". Specifically, "Whatever Is He Like". I have it on 45 but cannot convert it with any decent quality. Any links or help would be great. Cheers!

By Richard McInerney on 2011/04/24

Great to see you are uploading the stuff I sent you - will need to visit back on a regular basis to see what's next.

By Sandy Love on 2011/01/22

I absolutely loved this song first time I heard it on the John Peel show. Went out the next day and bought the 12 inch single. Love it!

By Karlos on 2011/01/14

Team Locks has the privelage of listening to Baz and Mark on a regular basis, their acoustic version of Like a Virgin is truly a musical masterpiece.
If you the the oppurtunity to see them at The Locks Inn Geldeston...DONT MISS IT!!!
Uncle Romeo has also been see nin the area....warning ...Not for the people who like music spoon fed…

Love Light and Peace

By kevin on 2010/08/31

Back in the day, I heard Muck It Out & rushed out to score the import vinyl of For You. The bonus tracks EP just blew me away, & I've always wished they could have continued in that vein. What was it that got into them? Something that was dropped into their beer? I never understood why they didn't break big. Their sound right there was a new genre of Synth Punk -- very short songs, intense, heartfelt, very very melodic & clever subject matter. One of a kind. God Bless 'em!

By Dannyboy on 2010/07/31

Love FB's stuff, don't rememember them the first time round but a convert now!!! Seen this around but not on youtube so ive uploaded the boys performance of For You on youtube, from the Kids show Hold Tight (1982). This performance was filmed at Alton Towers, the boys are all on elevated platforms that move up and down upto 30 feet up, no barriers, wouldnt be done today with all that health and safety malarky. Complete with Baz's ironing board. Check it out!! BTW not my recording but thought i would share with the masses!!!

By barney15c on 2010/07/02

Great to see "Get Out & Walk" reissued. Shame they couldn't get the song titles right on the track listing. Careless mistakes, tsk.

By Simon Jenkins on 2010/06/10

hey there fellas and fans, just had to say hello. peel got me onto you guys back in the day and i remember seeing you play the Venue in Seel street way back, loved that gig. Sold my 12" of apparently along with other gems at a record fair years ago and now regret it (still have waarp singles though) and my get out and walk cassette has long vanished, i loved the way the inner sleeve of the cassette unfolded forever like a ordinance survey map to reveal the lyrics. managed to download a copy of apparently (Big Version) and now it sounds fantastic on my phone, hope you don't mind, well i did buy it at some point. the bassline on that track is amazing as are the guitar parts, but the (1 2 3+) fingerclicks are just perfection! what can i say boys, WAIT...... all the subtleties coming through. fantastic.

By neil on 2010/05/21

Any hope of getting a copy of 'in the country' whether via album or not ... ?

By Rachel on 2010/05/15

In a fit of pragmatism, I'm selling all my records, which includes my Farmer's Boys collection. Much as I love them, I never play them and I'd rather someone else enjoys them! Here's the list: I Think I Need Help -12” - [Waap, 12 WAAP 3, 1982, pic sleeve, VG+/VG+] I Think I Need Help - 7” - [Waap, WAAP 3, 1982, pic sleeve, VG+/VG+] Whatever Is He Like? - 7” - [Backs, NCH 001, 1982, pic sleeve, EX/VG] More Than A Dream - 7” - [Backs/CBS, NCH003, 1982, pic sleeve, VG/VG-] More Than A Dream (unplayed) - 7” - [Backs, NCH003, 1982, pic sleeve, NM/Mint] Muck It Out! (early version)- 7” - [Masterbag, BAG 006, 1982, –/VG] Muck It Out! -12” single-EMI, 12 EMI 5380, 1983, pic sleeve, VG/VG Muck It Out!-7” shaped pic disc-EMI, P5380, 1983, VG Muck It Out!-7” single-EMI, 5380, 1983, pic sleeve, VG/VG Muck It Out! (unplayed)-7” single-EMI, 5380, 1983, pic sleeve (sealed), VG/Mint Get Out & Walk (+ 12” EP)-LP + 12” EP-EMI, EMC 1077991, 1983, VG-/VG- For You (white label, unplayed)-7” single-EMI, EMI 5401, 1983, –/Mint For You (double single pack)-double 7” -EMI, EMID 5401, 1983, gatefold pic sleeve, VG/VG For You-7” single -EMI, EMI 5401, 1983, pic sleeve, VG/VG Apparently…-12” single-EMI, 12 FAB 1, 1984, pic sleeve, VG+/VG Apparently…-7” single-EMI, FAB 1, 1984, pic sleeve, Good/VG- (some sticker damage to sleeve) In The Country-12” single-EMI, 12 FAB 2, 1984, pic sleeve, VG/VG In The Country-7” shaped pic disc-EMI, FAB P2, 1984, VG In The Country (unplayed, plus postcard) -7” single-EMI, FAB 2, 1984, pic sleeve + postcard, EX/Mint Phew Wow!-7” single-EMI, FAB 3, 1984, pic sleeve, Good/VG With These Hands-LP-EMI, FBLP 2, 1985, VG/VG- I Built The World-12” single-EMI, 12 FAB 4, 1985, pic sleeve, VG/VG I Built The World-7” single-EMI, FAB 4, 1985, pic sleeve, Good/VG- I've been putting records in dribs and drabs onto eBay, but the fB's stuff hasn't gone up yet. I'd be willing to place items up with an agreed BuyItNow, or we could do deals without eBay's involvement - just Paypal and our mutual trust. Believe me, I'd love for these to go to fans - there are a few little treasures in there: mint and rare items. I've also a few Higsons records, and a copy of Touchdown, the various LP with the bonus 12" of The Popular Higson Boys (Popular Voice / Higsons / Farmer's Boys) doing 'I Can't Get Next To You'. Look forward to hearing from you! Daren

By Daren Allder on 2010/04/09

The best FB's song - note to self: must dig out my old 45s

By Paul Facer on 2010/03/27

For years, decades even, this has been my ultimate "song I love that no-one else has heard of". I often play it when I'm DJing (at Spellbound, my alternative 80s night in Brighton), and people come up to me straight afterwards asking "Wow, what was THAT?" What's even more exciting is when I spot someone on the dancefloor mouthing the words, so I know I'm not alone. Interesting to read that the production is seen by the band as a compromise, because to me it sounds absolutely killer.

By Simon Price on 2010/03/13

My favourite Farmer's Boys song. Why isn't this on a CD somewhere?

By Oxheyian on 2010/02/28

Pleased to say I have this in mint condition! I was also in the fan club and saw the 'Boys play in Camden as part of the Norwich Night Out along with the Higsons, Serious Drinking and Popular Voice. Great memories...

By GeeTee on 2010/02/06

Yes! This CD IS available... I should know, I bought a copy smile You need to email: Stan at and he'll sort you out. (The site needs to be made a bit clearer, I think most people don't even know you can buy The Farmer's Boys stuff on CD!). As per popular request, here in the track listing for Once Upon A Time in the East: 1. I Lack Concentration 2. Or What 3. Squit 4. Autumn 5. I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends 6. I Think I Need Help (Early Recording) 7. Squittest (Early Recording) 8. Muck It Out (Flexi Disc Version) 9. Spring^ 10. Funny Old Mr. Baz (Whatever Is He Like?)^ 11. With These Hands I Built The World* 12. Description of the River Wavney at Wortwell* 13. Soft Drink* 14. Drinking and Dressing up* 15. The Country Line* 16. Funky combine John^ 17. T.O.S.D.^ 18. More Than A Dream^ 19. Homo Kino * Peel Session tracks ^ Recorded for The David Jensen Show

By JohnnyW on 2009/12/01

My mate Ian and I were reminiscing only last week about the gigs in Norwich all those years ago. Playing 'Help' for the first time in perhaps 20 years, the lyrics found their way into our memories much easier than we could give justice to! Wow. What a band, hung out to dry by EMI.

By Phil Love on 2009/11/18

Get out and walk, what a classic, on a par with soul mining (the the), swoon (everything but the girl) high land hard rain (aztec camera) great music, killer melodies great beats and magic keyboard lines...never forgotten.....

By tony brereton on 2009/11/17

I loved I think I need help and remember John Peel playing it and telling us all it was just a couple of minutes too short. How can I get hold of a CD or download version? I am desperate to hear it again and can almost remember all the lyrics. Glad to find the album on i-tunes grin

By HH on 2009/10/29

Well..... I heard "In the Country" on Alan Carr on the radio this evening by The Farmers Boys. I woundered if it could be THE Farmers Boys that I knew back in the 80's as I never knew they had ever made a chart hit, so I googled them. I did wonder what happened to them as they never made it big time so thanks for the website.

By Sarah on 2009/09/26

Phew Wow! is, in my opinuion, one of the finest pop songs of all time. Cracking record. Although I haven't listened to my copy for a long time because I don't have a record deck...

By Paul on 2009/09/24

Recently (summer 2009) found this 7" in my vinyl collection from Cambridge student days and it still brings a smile to my face. A great piece of songwriting and nice bright arrangement. I love it. Ripped to an mp3 now and in regular rotation on my playlist. Extra special because no one here in the USA knows what it is (sorry!). Thanks for the fun song.

By Barry Trimmer on 2009/09/23

This is,by a million miles,the track I most want,(by anyone!), on CD. I have heard that the track 'funny old mr. baz' on 'once upon a time in the east' is actually 'whatever is he like'. Can anyone confirm this,and,if so,which version is it?

By Mike McGrath on 2009/09/21

my joy of cress free postcard is still stuck on my old bedroom wall with a drawing pin,all faded from the sun, along with a fb poster in yellow ink only which i bought when i say them at the hammersmith palais back in 83-4. & i moved out from my parents in 1990! top band, were better than the smiths who started at about the same time. hoist a few for me !

By david cooper on 2009/08/01

I remember buying this in a town neear Norwich visting my family, great song would love to get somehow someway

By Elliot Edelstein on 2009/07/03

OMG, I've just found out that Cherry Red have released Get Out & Walk including extra tracks (the free 12" + more - 21 tracks in total)& 20 page booklet with Stan intro. Top news - get ordering now!!!!

By furry on 2009/06/25

Great site that has awoken many memories. I was working in Norwich HMV in Top Shop when the Waap and Backs singles appeared and remember the excitement generated by a local scene emerging led by people you had a pint with in the Jacquard (Stan). Not only the Farmers' Boys and the Higsons but Screen 3 and Vital Disorders who recorded the wonderful Prams. I still have all those great early records and a cassette of the Boys playing a John Peel session. One memory that has particularly stuck is the first time I heard the band launch into Country Line - at the Gala Ballroom I think. To that point most Farmers Boys songs had seemed quite fairground Associates to me (in a good way)but when Baz launched into his country croon I couldn't resist a silly smile that returns even now whenever i think of the moment or the song. Hope to hear it live again one day.

By Colin Potts on 2009/06/17

Yes sweet, sweet tune bringing back memories of the early eighties touch of orange juice happy days

By john king on 2009/05/26

Still have this single (along with all the others) Had it signed by TFB and is a treasured possession. Still have letters from the boys from back in the day.

By Roger on 2009/05/24

Ahh!! 'The Joy Of Cress' Proclaimed my pretty boring postcard.

By Dale Jowett on 2009/04/20

I like that claim to fame. A good tune too, the fiddle playing fits in very well. You should be very proud, sir.

By Chippy on 2009/02/27

I was 18 and in my year off in 1984 when I had a call from Lloyd and Keyworth, local music shop in Farnham, Surrey. A band was looking for a fiddler for a song they were recording at Jakes Studios, Dippenhall, a few miles from where I lived. I was that fiddler on Phew Wow. Never made the credits because I was not Musicians Union and the producer had been naughty but still remember the session very well and hearing myself on Radio (and if memory serves, on Crackerjack!)

By James Cookson on 2009/02/22

Me and my mate Bob used to busk For you and The Way You Made Me Cry back in 1984. Never made any money but at least we had fun, especially when busking whilst riding round Chester on a tandem. Ah the idiocy of youth!

By Ravi on 2009/02/13

Perfect pop indeed. Quirky but beautiful intro and delightfully chugging drum machine. One of my treasured 7"s. Sweet memories of seeing them perform at Portsmouth Poly c.82

By Jam Master Sticky on 2009/01/10

spent the last two weeks trawling the net for farmer's boys stuff ! well worth it, i now am the proud owner of BOTH albums on MP3 including the 12 inch mixes ! email me if you need anything.thanks

By paul keveney on 2008/12/06

More found here. Brings back good memories.

By Rick on 2008/12/04

just unhearthrd a picture disc of the farmers boys,muck it out and funkey combine, any body want it

By julian on 2008/11/10

Is there anyone out there that has CD's or MP3's of their albums. I miss their music and would really like to get a hold of anything. My small but very special record collection was stolen a while back and I have just started to try to rebuild what I lost. It is a very painful process but one that I am trying to do slowly. If there is anyone other that can help please let me know

By Manley on 2008/10/08

thank you thank you thank you. I never thouht I would find a site for the Farmers boys! I loved this band and even had a bit of a 'pen pal' relationship with Baz. I feel so young listening to their fantastic music. So far ahead of the times. I adored them. Unfortunately i left Norwich in 1985 and no one had heard of them! all my vinyls were thrown out by a bitter ex husband. i have none of their stuff but i still look everyday to try and find them.Please emi re-release get out and walk and with these hands. we deserve satisfaction. once again thank you so much for the site. I will be back xx

By Annie Adams on 2008/10/03

I NEED all the farmers boys stuff on CD can anyone help. That would make Life Wonderful.

By Rob on 2008/09/26

The cd is top quality!!! Listening carefully, you can just about make out that it's from the vinyl album, with the extended mixes n'all...a right result, as we say down here in good ol' Brighton. Already on the ipod, and has had several listens throughout last night and this morning. Out for beers last night, so...'think I need somethin' refreshin', think I need a soft drink'. Coooooome on!!!

By Chippy on 2008/09/04

A work colleague has managed to rip onto cd, 'Get Out And Walk' from a torrent site - God knows what it sounds like, as I've not yet listened to it, and I'm in the office. Can't wait to get that baby into the cd player, and burn it for the ipod. Lucky, luck me...

By Chippy on 2008/09/03

Still looking for the CD or MP3 of Get out and Walk! Getting older and grayer and want to listen and smile - Happy Days in Norwich! Thanks

By Simon on 2008/07/22

what are the other members of the Avons doing now - Paul Kingston and Hadyn and Chin

By cath on 2008/07/07

Was 'round my mate Tiggers' place last night - he dug iut his shaped picture disc of 'Muck It Out'. Ah...bliss!!! Needs slight repair, but plays like dream. Burn that bad boy to the pc, and revel in all its glory on the ipod. Jealous??? You should be!!!

By Chippy on 2008/04/16

This track just popped into my head over 10 years after selling all my vinyl singles to a record fair - why did I do it???? A fantastic tune - now WHERE can I get this track on CD?

By Pete Wells on 2008/04/15

There's currently one listed on ebay (the site)

By Rach on 2008/04/10

Looking for vinyl copy of Get Out and Walk. Will pay reasonable price -- US resident -- Texas

By Tom Aiken on 2008/04/10

We are seeing quite a few vinyl copies appearing on Ebay ATM - you can register to be alerted when new items are listed.

By Greg (PD) on 2008/03/23

Found a copy of For You in the local 2nd hand shop, and took it home because the sleeve made me wondering what kind of music I had to expect. This is one of those rare days you get pleasantly surprised as an avid music freak.. Sounds great!

By Bams on 2008/03/14

Magic. Takes me back to fun times in Norwich. Anyone able to upload this? Cheers.

By Dave on 2008/02/23

I don't know why I don't like all my friends.

By MadeInScotland on 2008/02/15

Well at long last I retrieved my FB archive of letters, postcards, misc correspondence and stuff from the boys including the Xmas card from Mr Spoon. Gosh Baz was a prolific letter writer!

By MadeInScotland on 2008/02/15

So, several people have asked but I haven't seen the solution: how can I get hold of Get Out and Walk for itunes... I miss the album bigtime!

By Karl on 2008/02/10

So...anyone brave enough to send an mp3 of 'Get Out And Walk', ripped from vinyl to me? I will send my small collection of b-sides from 'For You', and versions of 'In The Country' which have been lovingly edited and cleaned up from vinyl. Name an artist, and There's a good chance I'll have it to send on (20000+ tracks on my PC, always expanding. I'm not scared...!!!

By Chippy on 2008/01/25

Hey Could you post (or email me) a track listing for Once upon a Time in the East? Cheers, Graham

By Graham on 2008/01/07

Did anyone win Stan's mini?

By Andy Peggs on 2008/01/01

It did indeed. You can buy a copy by emailing Stan at the address under the album listing on the releases page

By Rach on 2007/10/25

Did this ever get released? I've never come across a copy yet ;(

By Darren Stephens on 2007/10/22

Just found picture disc copy in my collection anyone interested, great condition !

By jools on 2007/10/22

'For You' was one of my favourite, favourite songs of my late teens. I can't have heard it in about 15 years, so if anyone out there knows of a way of acquiring it in electronic format, you could make someone pushing 40 very happy...

By Andrew on 2007/10/16

For my 40th birthday on 6 October, my mate Tigger gift wrapped the double 7" of 'For You' he brought back in 83...what a bloody star!!! 6 tracks, including the demo of 'Muck It Out'. Already burnt onto my pc and played to death on my new 160gb ipod. Mates all chipped in to pay for that bad boy. Life's good!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/10/09

Colin is indeed a star and this site wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the hard work he put in collecting the memorabilia you see here!

By Rach on 2007/10/01

#80 this reached!!!, even back then talent didn't get the sucsess it deserved!!.

By Marc Bowen on 2007/09/23

"Funky Combine John" is mint!!!, just as good as the a-side!!!. As far as b-sides are concerned this band were the 80's equivalent of British/Japanese rockers Feeder, as their b-sides like the FB's better some of the a-sides!!. Colin used FCJ as the background track on the original site smile. He was amazed that I was about 23 at the time in 2003 when I e-mailed him that I discovered this band. I got into them when I was flicking through the Guiness Book Of British Hit Singles, and came across the name thinking it sounded good, and did a google search and found his site!!!. Great stuff it's been kept alive smile.

By Marc Bowen on 2007/09/23

I loved this song and so did my mates in Bristol- we used to iron our shirts in our underwear before going out dancing down the hallway. Sadly my ex-wife now has the single.But it's not my fault!

By Cliff on 2007/09/03

Go to Carty FM podcast through itunes, and get his latest podcast. Farmers Boys track played from 'Get Out & Walk'. Dedicated to me (Chippy)...which is nice!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/08/05

Sorry about that - pesky spammer. I've added their IP to the blacklist.

By Admin on 2007/07/14

Re comment by fleygn...anyone got any ideas what that's all about???

By Darren Stuart on 2007/07/13

One of the best songs never to be a hit in the 80's. Me and my mate Tigger loved this track, and 23 years later, I wish I still had it. I binned the cassette of 'Get Out And Walk' a few years ago. What a twat!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/07/06

Have found 'One Of The Best Investments I Ever Made' on a blog site. Great to hear this one again. Whay hasn't 'Get Out And Walk' been issued on cd. Or, for that fact, more of The Farmer's Boys? Takes me back to school days at Stanley Deason...

By Darren Stuart on 2007/07/06

The best song ever written, takes me back to a more innocent time, a love lost and a cold night sleeping on a Bradford station platform after your gig in 1983.

By Chaz Boy on 2007/07/04

Was first introduced to TFB when a bootleg cassette copy of Get Out and Walk was passed 'round school. I still have the cassette, although now don't own a cassette player! Website is great - hearing some of the tunes on the site brought a smile to my face.

By Carlos on 2007/06/27

In an attempt to encourage iTunes to include the Farmer's Boys in their push to make available the entire EMI back catalog (i.e. Get Out and Walk!), I'm playing More Than A Dream on the new Brierly Hill 90210 podcast. Podcast feed: Podcast also available through iTunes, Podcast Alley, or at the Brierly Hill 90210 web-site at

By Jon Miller on 2007/06/25

can anybody help me? Get out and walk on CD or MP3 - happy to pay!

By simon on 2007/06/19

I would also love a copy of this on CD....can anyone help? My all time favourite album!!!!

By wilma on 2007/05/03

I miss you lot so much. Pop ahead of its time. Still sounds fresh today - and what a voice for a lead singer (somewhere between Billy Mackenzie & Neil Nannon). No chance of re-forming?....

By Tracy on 2007/04/28

Just having another nostalgic moment. I haven't listened to this lot in ages due to being unable to play my vinyl on anything that isn't going to chew it up. I have such joyous memories. My second grown up gig was spent at Teesside poly with my brother listening and dancing like my life depended on it to such joyful chords. Happy times xxxxxxx

By Heather on 2007/04/21

Wow I was snoopin through my old vinyls cos Ive just got a deck that transfers them to mp3. There's the Farmers' get out and Walk with the splendid 12" virtually unplayed cos I put it on tape the night I bought the album. i love that For yOu tune which I haven't heard for about 20 years. The power of Google brought me here and things are still happening in the world of the Farmers. fantastic. Its all on my ipod now.

By Phil on 2007/04/09

I love the boys..want Get Out & Walk on CD plus B sides & rarities on CD Richard

By Richard on 2007/04/03

Oh yes, you must get a page on MySpace!!! So easy to keep us all updated, post some (rare) songs and pics! So easy even I can do it!!! Please make this happen!!!

By Jenko1967 on 2007/04/02

The soundtrack of my youth. They don't write 'em like this any more wink

By pops on 2007/03/19

My friends and I listened to nothing else for a year around 1984-85 and only fancied boys with round glasses and crew cuts. Are you out there Scottie and Liz? Make mine a Valpolicella.

By fifi on 2007/03/10

Have you thought of getting TFB on myspace?

By roger on 2007/03/10

Reminds me of girlfriend trouble I was having at the time! It seemed to fit my situation. Still a great song that should have seen commercial success. Also loved the B-side Funky Combine John!

By Richard on 2007/02/23

This is getting some real airplay on all80s being an 80's lad dont really remember it but the kids of mine love it, its great to hear music from people who enjoyed what they do/did. Not just do it to please the producers.

By Tim Firkins on 2007/01/19

hey guys glad to be with you

By daved on 2007/01/07

I too would love to find this on c/d I have a very good vinyl copy and am considering buying the DAK system to download vinyl onto my pc to solve the problem. This is a great record and one that can be played from start to finish. They had zero airplay here in the states but I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the "Boys" from a friend. Forever grateful for that!!

By Rich Mac on 2006/12/31

I bought I Think I Need Help when it came out on single. I've been looking for it on CD for ages, and now I'm listening to Once Upon A Time In The East, which I found after coming across this site a couple of weeks ago. Nice site. But its a pity you don't have something to stop those antisocial spammerscum.

By Truffy on 2006/12/22

Is there any way at all of getting this album on CD or even as MP3 files ?

By Steve Johnson on 2006/11/08

Still one of the finest records ever made. Regularly gets an outing on my turntable despite the crackles and cracks from 20 years of wear. Anyone know where you can get a copy on CD?

By Gary on 2006/10/05

Art Gallery...a memory stirs "I need a place that's out of reach..." I saw the fb's at Aberdeen University Students Union when I was still at school. So I'm guessing that was the 1984 tour. It was about then anyway. I actually remember writing a review which the local paper published. I have that clipping still, somewhere at my parents house. As a schoolboy fan I used to write to Baz. I probably have a few of those letters still at my parents too. I must find them next time I'm home.

By czechOUT on 2006/09/23

I love 'Apparently', how come this didn't make it onto an album?

By Jenko1967 on 2006/09/11

Still listen to 'Get out and walk' on tape - dont have a clue why i still feel the urge to play it - but at the end of the day there are some great melodies going on - Really enjoy the re-mixes too. If it came out on CD i would certainly be ordering on the day of release. I had the album in the 80's too - but gave it to a mate who was really impressed with them - thank god i kept the tape (which was always going to get more play in my car)

By lawrie on 2006/09/06

I've just put an MP3 copy CD on eBay. Quality very good. I'm including the original tape that I copied it from to comply with copyright.

By adrian on 2006/09/02

Happy to pay for this album on CD or MP3 - so many memories!

By simon on 2006/09/01

sadly I got rid of all my vinyl stuff from the 80's (too many house moves) most of it was cack, however I kep my bunnymen, icicle works and pale fountains stuff, but bugger it I left my farmers boys stuff in there (don't ask me why). where can I get hold of any FB CDs, I have tried and can't seem to find anywhere that has anything

By glen on 2006/08/19

The best album unavailable on cd out there.

By Archie McVicar on 2006/08/15


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