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After a bit of a ‘rummage’ we found the old guest book entries dating back from 2003. You’ll notice that they’re not all there – some of them were just rubbish so we deleted them. Also the sudden interest in May 2003 was Colin gallantly restoring the old guestbook after it had been hacked. Please use this blog as an… read on


Interview in Issue 13 of Master Bag Magazine

An interview with the band by Peter Keeley.

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the fArmER’s bOys - A rough family tree

Firstly we really need to thank Sandy Love who contacted us recently with what can only be described as ‘a shed load’ of amazing fb’s memorabilia. It’d be a shame to spoil you by publishing it all at once so I’m uploading it to the site in bits as a) I find time and b) reduce the file sizes.

Firstly… read on


Baz and Mark at the Locks Inn 11th Nov 2007

We had an email from Colin, landlord of the Locks Inn Geldeston to say that Baz and Mark will be playing there on Sunday 11th November – 2.30pm

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Want to see Baz & Mark play live?

We had an email from Baz let us know that if you’re in the area and you fancy seeing him & Mark playing, you can catch them here at the Locks Inn Geldeston You can see when they’re next playing if you check out the music and events page, alternatively see if there is anyone you recognise on the gallery… read on


Thur 15 Nov - Durham Uni

As usual Boy Barry and I failed to make breakfast though Larry informed us that the prunes, figs and scrambled eggs he had did him the power of good. Baz and I made do with a Toffee Crisp.

We arrived in Durham quite early so we had a stroll, found the place not too dissimilar from Edinburgh or York, very… read on


Wed 14th Nov 1984 Leicester Poly

MARK – After a rather boring rehearsal in London the day before, we all pile into the van Leicester bound. Joining us on these dates are drummer Larry whose liking for raw garlic makes him jolly popular in the confined space of the van. Frogs’ brother Graham who handles the driving, managing to concentrate whilst everybody in the back screams… read on


1984 Autumn Tour by Baz and Mark

Colin sent us a copy of Griff (number 4 in fact). We’ll gradually be adding it to the blog

Although it was only a short tour we thought that we’d better do a couple of warm ups before it started, mainly to check any problems with the set and to make sure that Larry, the drummer, was a decent bloke.… read on


More from Baz - The sequel

It must be early in 1985. The release of our second album “with these hands” and the single “I built the world” had been met with apathy by the record buying public. Attendances at gigs was falling, writing new songs was becoming a chore, EMI did not renew the contract.
The English music scene was becoming stale, probably the… read on


More from Baz

“As well as the LP, the Avons also did a four track 12” called imaginatively “four songs”. I’ve also got a couple of unreleased tracks on cassette. I’m trying to encourage Mark (who is very good at these things) to compile a CD of all the Avons stuff for possible mail order purchase. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile you need… read on


Baz’s old forum entries Feb 7 2002

“What a sad old git I am reading about things I did 17 years ago. The whole point of the Avons was that they were the total antithesis of the Farmer’s Boys, a sort of soul cleansing, after the horrors of appearing on Crackerjack and Pebble Mill at One. Whereas the FB’s were melodic and unashamedly pop, the Avons were… read on



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