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Baz’s old forum entries Feb 7 2002

“What a sad old git I am reading about things I did 17 years ago. The whole point of the Avons was that they were the total antithesis of the Farmer’s Boys, a sort of soul cleansing, after the horrors of appearing on Crackerjack and Pebble Mill at One. Whereas the FB’s were melodic and unashamedly pop, the Avons were a total rejection of the way 80s pop was going, which obviously was a career killer from my point of view. I’m still very proud of the Avons’ stuff and almost feel that we were about 10 years too early for britpop. Now that I’m au fait with modern technology in the home, I will get around to telling you the story behind the Avons years as promised, although the whole of the late 80s is still a bit of a blur.”



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