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Hello Farmers Boys , long time no hear ! I always wondered what happened to such a great band and how after a brilliant song like "I Built THe World" they just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. And now I find this site and see theres a whole back history to listen to. I heard that single on the John Peel show and bought it that week,but how could such a record not even chart. In recent years I,ve been very nostalgic for pop music from the first half of the 80s and you guys are right, it did go down hill for a few years after 84.I was very much into 60s and west coast rock but you realize looking back what agreat time for new music the 80s were and I didn't appreciate it at the time. Now I,m playing Flamenco/Fingerpicking full time but this summer I want to record a tribute record to Gene Clark by covering early 80s pop songs in his country rock style and I Built The World is top of the list amoung songs by The Smiths,Cure,Bunnymen,Associates,etc. If next year I release my efforts I might need copyright info and/or permission so please someone contact Craig on Thank everyone, nice site.

By Craig McTaggart on 2013/04/14

One day i'll have to dig out the cassette of the six song live show recorded for Peel, that was a highlight, as was Kid/King?? Brian's spoken introduction to another session - i can still recall the words "what were once willow lined banks seething with nature's rich tapestry have been desecrated by dredging carried out by the AWA, errr this is an angry song. Can I go home now?" that's almost verbatim.

By Neil on 2011/10/20

Still love listening to you, evidently so does Stewart Lee, heard 'In the Country' on his show a few weeks ago.... With These Hands should be re-issued!

By Barry on 2011/05/25

HELP!! Cannot find a c/d version of "With These Hands". Specifically, "Whatever Is He Like". I have it on 45 but cannot convert it with any decent quality. Any links or help would be great. Cheers!

By Richard McInerney on 2011/04/24

hey there fellas and fans, just had to say hello. peel got me onto you guys back in the day and i remember seeing you play the Venue in Seel street way back, loved that gig. Sold my 12" of apparently along with other gems at a record fair years ago and now regret it (still have waarp singles though) and my get out and walk cassette has long vanished, i loved the way the inner sleeve of the cassette unfolded forever like a ordinance survey map to reveal the lyrics. managed to download a copy of apparently (Big Version) and now it sounds fantastic on my phone, hope you don't mind, well i did buy it at some point. the bassline on that track is amazing as are the guitar parts, but the (1 2 3+) fingerclicks are just perfection! what can i say boys, WAIT...... all the subtleties coming through. fantastic.

By neil on 2010/05/21

Well at long last I retrieved my FB archive of letters, postcards, misc correspondence and stuff from the boys including the Xmas card from Mr Spoon. Gosh Baz was a prolific letter writer!

By MadeInScotland on 2008/02/15

So...anyone brave enough to send an mp3 of 'Get Out And Walk', ripped from vinyl to me? I will send my small collection of b-sides from 'For You', and versions of 'In The Country' which have been lovingly edited and cleaned up from vinyl. Name an artist, and There's a good chance I'll have it to send on (20000+ tracks on my PC, always expanding. I'm not scared...!!!

By Chippy on 2008/01/25

Was first introduced to TFB when a bootleg cassette copy of Get Out and Walk was passed 'round school. I still have the cassette, although now don't own a cassette player! Website is great - hearing some of the tunes on the site brought a smile to my face.

By Carlos on 2007/06/27

In an attempt to encourage iTunes to include the Farmer's Boys in their push to make available the entire EMI back catalog (i.e. Get Out and Walk!), I'm playing More Than A Dream on the new Brierly Hill 90210 podcast. Podcast feed: Podcast also available through iTunes, Podcast Alley, or at the Brierly Hill 90210 web-site at

By Jon Miller on 2007/06/25

can anybody help me? Get out and walk on CD or MP3 - happy to pay!

By simon on 2007/06/19

I miss you lot so much. Pop ahead of its time. Still sounds fresh today - and what a voice for a lead singer (somewhere between Billy Mackenzie & Neil Nannon). No chance of re-forming?....

By Tracy on 2007/04/28

Wow I was snoopin through my old vinyls cos Ive just got a deck that transfers them to mp3. There's the Farmers' get out and Walk with the splendid 12" virtually unplayed cos I put it on tape the night I bought the album. i love that For yOu tune which I haven't heard for about 20 years. The power of Google brought me here and things are still happening in the world of the Farmers. fantastic. Its all on my ipod now.

By Phil on 2007/04/09

Oh yes, you must get a page on MySpace!!! So easy to keep us all updated, post some (rare) songs and pics! So easy even I can do it!!! Please make this happen!!!

By Jenko1967 on 2007/04/02

Have you thought of getting TFB on myspace?

By roger on 2007/03/10

hey guys glad to be with you

By daved on 2007/01/07

Loved 'em then, love 'em still. If only Get Out and Walk were available on CD - 'specially with the lovely free 12" mixes you got with the original album - ahhh! Soft Drink!

By Tim on 2006/06/22

Hi guys, Great to see you back and the new site is excellent! Looking forward to some downloads....

By Firehouse7 on 2006/06/11

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