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It must be early in 1985. The release of our second album “with these hands” and the single “I built the world” had been met with apathy by the record buying public. Attendances at gigs was falling, writing new songs was becoming a chore, EMI did not renew the contract.
The English music scene was becoming stale, probably the first revelation to me was hearing “Don’t go back to Rockville” by REM and subsequently discovering the Rain Parade and the Long Ryders.
All of a sudden our efforts of the previous 3 years seemed insignificant. I was very excited by guitar music for the first time since the mid 70’s. The demise of the Farmer’s Boys was inevitable, and for myself and Mark it was very clear that the way forward was to get back to basics.
We enlisted Mark’s brother Nero on guitar and by chance we discovered a superb songwriter/guitarist by the name of Hal Jordan. he was very young at the time (19) but was well and truly trapped in the 1960’s. We enlisted a drummer (Chiff) and embarked on a lengthy series of rehearsals in a very damp and dingy basement underneath a lesbian bookshop in Norwich. Early references were the Byrds, the Stones and of course the Beatles. Our first gig was at the Norwich labour club, masses of feedback and guitar solos, the set included “Shake some action” by the Flamin Groovies and “Feel a whole lot better” by the Byrds as well as a few of Hal’s own compositions such as “Facial” and “In my time”. The audience looked frightened and this was to set the tone for most of our local gigs. Unfortunately, we also developed an arrogance which probably didn’t exactly endear us to the gig going public. Within a very short time we had written enough songs to make an album. However, forces within the band were already straining, the first casualty was the drummer, who was unceremoniously sacked to make way for the harbinger of doom that was Ed Street. The first time that I encountered Ed was several years earlier when he scrawled “Baz must die” on a toilet wall in the Garnet Wolsey pub on the marketplace. Somehow I had survived this death threat only to find myself embroiled in the bizarre world in which he operated.
The next problem that we encountered was the usual one of Girls. The problem was that Hal was coveting Nero’s girl. Whether this was the reason for Nero leaving the band I’m not quite sure, but, as the saying goes, “Then there were four”
And it was these four lonesome troubadours who ventured into Howard’s studio to record the album that became “Music from three rivers reach”.



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