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After a bit of a ‘rummage’ we found the old guest book entries dating back from 2003. You’ll notice that they’re not all there – some of them were just rubbish so we deleted them. Also the sudden interest in May 2003 was Colin gallantly restoring the old guestbook after it had been hacked. Please use this blog as an opportunity to leave a message using the comments section (click on ‘comments’ at the end of the entries) No e-mail addresses are shown – it’s just so you get a message to let you know if there are new ones.

And now, for your viewing pleasure – the old guest book entries…

Location: England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:12
Cool site Col – Congratulations!

Steven Banowich
Location: Liverpool, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:13
A welcome blast from the past.

Benjamin Horrendous
Location: Yorkshire, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:15
Great site for a great band smile

Location: Swansea
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:18
I was in Tufnell park the night that Stan’s jeans ‘popped’ – it was frightening – still have copies of Griff too..

Location: England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:19
Brilliant site – great music!

Location: England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:24
congratulations on a brilliant site. I was a big Farmers Boys fan who once owned all their songs on vinyl but alas given away to neices when cds became vogue. Oh how I regret parting with those backs singles. I only hope they will be released on the Once Upon a Time cd. If not maybe Vinyl Japan.
Anyway great to come across your site. Whenever I used to search I’d always get those American farmers boys, pages on em.
All the Best

Location: England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:27
Wow what memories this site brings back!
Great chance to re-discover those songs from that ‘Fine City’ of Norwich. Glad to see the guys are still plugging away, another album to put on the wish list.
Good site, and I’ll be visiting frequently..

Martin Chapman
Location: Bolton, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:31
hot website! I was a big fan in the 80’s. Saw them play in Norwich church hall. Best concert ever! Still got all the records and even my fan club membership card! Not heard any of the ‘Great Outdoors’ stuff yet, but will do soon. LATER!!

Maryrose Bogs Romero
Location: Philippines
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:34
Im a very big fan of the 80s’ I have few vinyl collection but unfortunately dont have a vinyl copy of farmers boys.. but I heard few of your songs.. its great!! I hope I could have a copy of your vinyl.. keep it up!!

Location: England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:36
Great site, great band, and ‘Funky Combine John’ all in one surf!! I have plenty of additional images and stuff if you want to get in touch.

Darren Stephens
Location: Croydon, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:40
At last!!! great MP3s.. nice site.. still have my fanclub membership card and badge.. also a bootleg tape which I can try and copy to cd for those that want it..
Live at Coventry/Leeds 20/10/82

Neil C Longley
Location: Sheffield, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:42
Hi there, found you by mistake! I didn’t think anybody remembered the Farmer’s Boys. Great site, I’ll be visiting again.

Stu Batchelor
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:45
Great site!! only wish I could turn the clock back and relive the ‘boys all over again. I still have letters from Baz, and I still have all singles, albums 12” etc… onwards to the Great Outdoors

Location: Singapore
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:48
A pleasant surprise to stumble upon your website. I have been searching for Farmer’s Boys’ songs for years now, especially my personal favourite – Muck It Out, which I have not heard it in since the early 80s. Thanks for bringing back my teenage memories! Cheers!

Allister Hardwick
Location: London SW18, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:53
Any chance of full LP of ‘Get Out & Walk’ plus bonus 12” + extd version of ‘Matter of Fact’ being made available on CD format soon in 2002 maybe on VinylJapan or other label?
Please everyone contact VinylJapan and pester them to reissue this abs fab album on CD.
Allister (also a huge Shadows fan)
You’re right, the cover of ‘In The Country’ is the best ever Cliff cover!

Craig Comfort
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:56
THANKS for the great Farmer’s Boys site! – one of the best bands from the eighties. The site is fantastic on all levels! Thanks for the great MP3’s – I’ve always had their two LP’s but not the b-sides.
Thanks again for taking the time to bring the site out to other fans of the Farmer’s Boys.

Neil Dyer
Location: Perth, Australia
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 18:59
Hello and best wishes to any Farmers Boys who may read this. I’m living in Oz now. Will look out for the compilation when it comes out.

Andrew Dineley
Location: Liverpool, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:03
What a find!
Your site is fantastic and I’m not the only FB fan in the world, shame I discovered a decade or so too late!
I’ve spent most of a day filling my Mac up with groovy tunes of yesteryear thanks to you (and the FB’s).
All my scratchy black vinyl (and oddly shaped pic discs) aren’t sounding as good as I’d like so this site is a treasure trove to behold.

Location: Leeds, England
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:08
Love the website – hope the re-issues continue & are available in UK. It will save me transferring old vinyl over to MP3 which is what I’ve spent most of today doing!
All the best
Keep up the good work…

Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:10
we now have a link to this Farmer’s Boys site from ours at http://www.sickhappyidle.com
Pop by

Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:15
What a top website!!!
It’s great to finally find a site that does justice to one of the best bands of the 80’s!!
The downloads have given me the opportunity to get the old stuff again (except the rereleased ‘With These Hands’ which of course I bought) & save the Vinyl from further punishment (& hopefully convert a few more people in the process!)
Eagerly awaiting the new album, any news? (& the long overdue reissue of ‘Get Out & Walk’ (my favourite of the two) with 12” extra tracks).
Now all we need is a Serious Drinking website…........!!!!

Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:17
Well done for making a great tribute site to a fantastic band!!
Best wishes to The Farmers Boys!

Rick Stevens
Location: Nottingham
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:20
A brilliant site that has re-kindled some very happy memories!
Who won Stan’s mini in the Phew Wow competition?

Location: Norwich (Still!!!)
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:22
Once supported FB’s along with Serious Drinking and Popular Voice, Norwich theatre Studio.

Jane, fan club member 301
Location: London
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:30
As a girl whose musical taste moved seamlessly from Donny Osmond through David Soul to Boy George, my first Farmer’s Boys gig (in Aylesbury, the night that Serious Drinking split up) was an introduction to the kind of music not played by Peter Powell. A dozen gigs, a couple of brilliant albums and many piggin’ good singles later the band split, but by that time I had become a ‘proper’ indie fan and nothing has come along to change that (although I did cry during Pop Stars: The Rivals – but that’s just old age).
I’m not surprised that this site is popular – I have friendships based on an ability to chicken-dance and a liking for the sound of a keyboard played on an ironing board – but thanks for making it a good one.
A pig related question. Did anyone else read OINK and if so, answer me this – “Poo-Poo, Tinkle-Tinkle, Parp-Parp, Oink!”

Marc Bowen
Location: Hastings
Wednesday, 14. May 2003 19:39
Hi!, just found your site thanks to the Guiness British Hit Singles book!.
I was just flicking through and came across a rather cool sounding name of “Farmers Boys”, and thought the song titles sounded quite snazzy!.
I therefore went to Google to do a websearch and found your site!!!. Since I’m a mosher (and a big Feeder fan), I was very suprised to grow a liking to these sort of songs! (I do have a broad taste across different genres tho!), especially “Muck It Out” and “Phew Wow!”, the vid for that is quite unique! lol.
Anyways keep up the hard work with your site!. I already have the “For You” and “Phew Wow!” vids on my comp, and was wondering when you’re going to upload the “In The Country” one?, going by the pics it looks quite a laugh!. And I already have discovered the Farmers Boys thanks to you!, as I couldn’t find any other site with downloads!.
Am I the youngest person to like this band?, I’m 22!

allister hardwick
Location: LOndon
Thursday, 29. May 2003 05:38
Re: non availabilty of Get Out and Walk on CD reissue.
Did you know it IS possible to do a CD reissue sort of yourselves? You can buy a job lot of CDs say 1,000 and sell them on privately or publically or maybe to shops eg Virgin HMV OP WHS Woolies indeps etc.
email me if you want details !
Ps Ive just done one CD album for myself. and you get to write the sleeve notes too !

Location: – Saturday, 31. May 2003 18:28
Hi Col. I haven’t visited your site for a couple of months. Great photos you’ve got hold of! Keep up the good work mate!

Sunday, 8. June 2003 20:44
The Farmers Boys have more power than a Massey Ferguson tractor.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Friday, 4. July 2003 09:16 Host:
Congratulations on a top site from a one-time Norfolk boy now far from home. There is obviously great interest in a reissue of ‘Get Out And Walk’. Could you not coordinate pressure for a CD release through the website? It certainly deserves it, and so do those poor unfortunates too young to have heard it first time around.

dave cooper
Location: sutton surrey
Wednesday, 23. July 2003 16:17
brilliant website, still play my fb’s singles / albums when i throw a party. my 9 year old daughter knows all the words to ;in the country; have still got a cassette recording of an interview they gave to kid jenson just after muck it out was released. in it kid said it was very close but the farmers boys just missed out from appearing on the 1’000th edition of top of the pops. could have been so different if it had been, don’t you think. LET’S GO & HOIST A FEW !

Todd West
Location: Los Angeles
Thursday, 31. July 2003 00:57
What the????? Well, I must say the page is cool…where’s some more new stuff? Oink Oink! Stay Cool, TW

Richard Hogg
Location: Grantham
Thursday, 7. August 2003 05:20
I saw the band at Aberyststwyth University in the early 80s and they were brilliant, sorry to see your not still going.

Debbie Ghant
Location: Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK
Monday, 25. August 2003 16:54
Brilliant site !!
It’s made me want to dig out all my singles – good to hear the early years / session CD has been released.

Andrew Leach
Location: Lancing, W. Sussex
Friday, 12. September 2003 15:08
I’m 38yrs young and found the site by typing in random band names that I like.
Haven’t been hooked up to the net for long but it certainly was great to find such a brilliant site for one of the best bands ever.
I count myself lucky to have bought all the vinyl at the time and got to see the band twice,first time at Sussex Uni and then at Brighton Poly (which is now a Uni). I even got to see the Avons at the Escape Club in Brighton, shame they had such a short career would have loved to have heard and experienced much more.
Anyway glad I found this site keep up the good work.Andrew

Tony Jenkins
Location: Cambridge
Monday, 22. September 2003 16:26
One of the most under-rated bands ever, two of my favourite albums ever… C’mon lets have some sort of a re-union gig, never got to see the FB’s first time around and there’s nothing like it around now… See you at the boat race!!! Tony

Location: manila,philippines
Friday, 10. October 2003 11:23
The Farmer’s Boys site is damn cool.
I first heard the band way back 1986 here in Manila.
Nowadays there’s some kind of 80s revival here and I’m glad The Farmer’s Boys music stood the test of time!

Location: glos, england
Saturday, 15. November 2003 15:06
Foook! Its possible!!!!
cool site boys…well done!!

The Greenback Hunter
Location: Traverse Bay,Manitoba,Canada
Thursday, 25. December 2003 10:34
What A Great Surf!
Here’s Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Safe And Happy Holiday!

Location: Brighton
Wednesday, 7. January 2004 18:52
Great site. I’ve been trying to track this album down for years. Wish they were all like this. Brilliant and happy new year listeners

Location: Aberdeen
Thursday, 15. January 2004 00:54
Funny how certain sequences of events happen. It started with being unable to sleep and going in search of my old Sony Walkman that was found gathering dust in a drawer. Next to it I discovered my original cassette of Get Out And Walk which hasn’t been played for some time. I listen to the first side, then wonder if there’s anything on the internet about the fArmER’s bOys. IS there ever? This is a great site!

I’m living in Aberdeen now, but as a student back in 1982, we went to see the boys perform at a gig at Sheffield University and went straight out to buy the first two singles the following Saturday. The quirkiness of the songs and Kid Brian’s illustrations captured a mood and we became instant fans. My best mate’s mum actually knitted us some jumpers with the logo on it – how sad is that? After I moved from Sheffield in 1983, I continued to follow the band and bought every release (though all were sadly lost in a house move some years ago). As the group became more commercial and production levels grew slicker, the charm of the fArmER’s bOys diminished for me. When ‘In The Country’ starting getting prominent airplay, I starting getting stick and despite buying their final album, the bit of magic that had started (for me) with ‘Whatever Is He Like’ was gone for good. Nevertheless, TFB will always remain a very happy memory and I still have my cassette to dust down every couple of years or so.

I’m very interested in the new CD! Keep up the good work!

Linda Wright
Location: Norwich
Thursday, 15. January 2004 17:19
Hello Stan. Just browsing your site and would just like to say it’s nice working with you at the NNUH in Norwich. Have a good 1.

Jim Reilly
Friday, 30. January 2004 07:17
Was feeling a little old, but coming across this page has taken me back all those years. It is criminal bazmarkfrogstan stuff has never been released on CD (‘cept the sessions disc). Keep up the good fight, and who knows?

kevan Hughes
Location: worcester (via cannock !)
Saturday, 14. February 2004 16:39
Congratulations on a cool, genuine fan friendly site. ‘more than a dream. and ‘I think I need help ’ are amongst the best pop songs ever made, from a criminally underated band ! Long live the Farmers Boys !

Location: Was UK now USA
Saturday, 14. February 2004 22:50
Great this to have this info
Remember seeing the boys in B’ham all those years ago.
Keep up the good work

allister hardwick
Location: London SW6
Saturday, 21. February 2004 09:23
Oh Arrrr, Oy be much apprecioating the farmers boyes while droiving moy combine harvestor thru the streets of west London listening to all them tracks on moy Massey Furgusson CD player with JCB stereo headphone units.
CDR of G.O.A.W. album available from moiself with special organic grow your own artwork in a compost bag.
This week oy will mostly be eating marmite with cornflakes.

Dan Selzer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday, 23. March 2004 14:51
Just wanted to say “More Then A Dream” is maybe like, the best pop song of all time? I like the other stuff too!

The Tempest
Location: sunny Devon
Tuesday, 30. March 2004 11:14
‘Once upon a time in the east’ is excellent but we need ‘Get out and walk’ releasing and how about an A and B side compilation of those early ‘fab waxings’. GET ORF MOY LAND!

Monday, 14. June 2004 19:10
hello! just found the site. fantastic stuff, especially the mp3s. i run a club night in london called how does it feel to be loved? – we play loads of classic eighties indie pop, including the farmer’s boys! would be great to have one of the band as a guest dj one time.

Location: Paisley
Sunday, 20. June 2004 12:12
Heard The Boys on the radio, and brought back happy memories. Saw them at Dundee Uni back in the 80’s (underage!) and got my flexi signed and had chat about sneaking past the bouncers. The guys put me and my pal on the guest list to avoid said problem. Magic!

Sunday, 27. June 2004 22:57
Great site!

Andy Morse
Monday, 6. September 2004 23:18
Fantastic site to a great band – I never thought I’d hear ‘the country line’ again!

Caroline McCartan
Location: Wales
Tuesday, 28. September 2004 05:37
I can’t believe it! So many fabulous memories, so many brilliant tracks I remember from my mispent teenage years. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a CD version of my original albums, and now I can at least get some of them. I didn’t realise so many of us still loved them so much. Wonderful site.

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Monday, 4. October 2004 00:20
I’ve been a fan of The Farmer’s Boys since the late 80s, the first time I heard their bubbly, infectious, hopeful song “Phew Wow.” Almost twenty years forward, I remain the same person delighted every time I would listen to The Farmer’s Boys.

I belong to a Philippine New Wave band whose various musical influences inevitably include The Farmer’s Boys.

Thanks for the music!

Friday, 8. October 2004 18:06
I REALLY LOVE “IN THE COUNTRY”. Will this ever be available to download?

adrian pattison
Location: liverpool
Saturday, 9. October 2004 09:55
just recently bought the “Once upon a time CD” Excellent,What memories, takes me back to the venue gig liverpool city centre, mid 80s. EMI come on “Get out & walk” PLEASE NOW!!!

Location: Warwickshire
Monday, 18. October 2004 19:42
The internet is a powerful thing. How come I never tried searching for The Farmers Boys before?
I have just gone back 20 years.
How fab!
My 7” Muck it Out was riddled with scratches. How nice to hear it properly again.
A superbly generous website.



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