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Thur 15 Nov - Durham Uni

As usual Boy Barry and I failed to make breakfast though Larry informed us that the prunes, figs and scrambled eggs he had did him the power of good. Baz and I made do with a Toffee Crisp.

We arrived in Durham quite early so we had a stroll, found the place not too dissimilar from Edinburgh or York, very twee I thought, full of coffee shops and Roddy Frame lookalikes. The hotel was great – not onl did it have teas and coffees in the rooms but drinking chocolate too!

The gig went really well – the hall was like a huge concrete box, no windows, nothing. We managed to pull in more people than Lloyd Cole did the week before which cheered us up no end! We also did a bit of on stage wine tasting which seemed to go down well with at least five members of the audience. The evening ended with us going down to a nightclub in town only to be threatened and chased out by thugs who were obviously not impressed with Stans’ robotics.

Most notable events were Mark receiving a single red rose from an admirer and the wine tasting of one of the Boujolais Nouveau during one of the encores, brought onstage by a Mr Malcolm Hill of EMI. The aforementioned Mr Hill had earlier been in Newcastle, only a few miles away, trying to persuade the people from ‘The Tube’ to come along. Needless to say they weren’t interested and told Mr Hill that we weren’t trendy enough to be on their programme.



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