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Wed 14th Nov 1984 Leicester Poly

MARK – After a rather boring rehearsal in London the day before, we all pile into the van Leicester bound. Joining us on these dates are drummer Larry whose liking for raw garlic makes him jolly popular in the confined space of the van. Frogs’ brother Graham who handles the driving, managing to concentrate whilst everybody in the back screams and generally acts very childish, and John Letharge helper-cum-beer-taster with the funny northern accent! The behaviour of the van isn’t too bad, subdued if anything, until baz reaches into the cassette carrier and produces a coopy of the new fall LP, resulting in wild chicken dancing in the back row!

I suppose I should add that the gig was wonderful, Leicester’s not a bad place, though the hotel was really boring, Mind you Baz and I had at least 10 minutes of fun with the free shower caps supplied in the bathroom.

BAZ – Well I have to agree with mark – it was a very good night, with just under a thousand people in to see us. I managed to bluff my way through ‘Art Gallery’ without too much bother. it got very nostalgic when i told the audience that it was three years ago when we first played there and there were some survivors of this first date present! To remind them of that historic event we played “Drinking and Dressing Up’ which went down like a lead balloon. Also, someone in the audience was spitting and it landed on the Casio! Ugh!



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