We have to start by saying a BIG thank you to Colin Ellett who spent ages looking after the previous site. Colin sourced loads of information and without him this would be a very small site indeed. In fact it was Colin’s communication with the band (via Stan) which made the unofficial site the sort of official one. The old site did have more content that we couldn’t rescue – if you have a look at the credits you’ll notice that there were some video’s etc which we couldn’t restore. If you have any stuff you would like to see on the site then please send us a copy and get your name on the credits list. This also applies to cake.

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Darren Stephens for MasterBag, Fan Club Membership & Badge,

Shockwave Titles, With These Hands & Live Bootleg Cassette Covers, Electric Ballroom, Lyceum & Rock City live advertisements, Get Out & Walk review;

Ben Waters for the ‘Phew Wow!’ & Stan’s Mini scans;

Paul Howden for ‘The Joy of Cress’ scan;

Keg for the Lets Drink!, Venue & Warehouse Club gig adverts, the tape and NME Stan Interview;

Steve Fenton for the ‘Muck It Out’ scan;

Neil Dyer for Bang Goes My Stereo, Farmers Boys Yeah & List scans;

Andrew Dineley for the scan of ‘I Built The World’ 7”;

Mike Bloys for the Avons flyer, ‘Phew Wow!’ advert & the Running Order fanzine interview;

Volker Harrach for the ‘Whatever Is He Like?’ Lyrics sheet;

Spencer Roberts for the Farmers Boys ‘effect’, Frog & Baz, Griff 3 and Xmax card scans;

David Gray for the Farmer’s Boys scan signed by Baz, ‘Ronnie Can You Hear Me?’ and ‘In The Country’ Shaped Pic Disc scans;

Richard Coulthard for the Hold Tight & Switch videos; ‘Sure Beats Bumpkin’, ‘Mark Mi Wurdz’, ‘Ridiculous Rustics’ & ‘Searching for a Hit in a Haystack’ press clippings; Leeds Warehouse, General Wolfe, Newcastle Tiffany’s, Radio 1 & Hammersmith Palais live recordings;


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