History (1981 - 1985)

The Farmers Boys emerged from Norwich, England, in early 1980 as ‘Bang Goes My Stereo’ but changed their name soon after. The excellent I Think I Need Help, issued in April 1982, was Baz, Frog, Mark & Stan’s first offering, followed by the equally impressive Funny Old Mr.Baz (later ‘Whatever Is He Like?’ ) in the summer.

In December the band released More Than A Dream, a strong enough song to warrant its reissue as the Farmers Boys’ first single for EMI. Muck It Out, issued in April 1983, played on the band’s rural name in the search for a novelty hit, but the single only reached no.48 due to lack of radio play. With the release of the catchy For You in July, the band recorded their first video featuring Stan as the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The group’s brilliant first album appeared in the autumn, but despite charm and melodic strength, GET OUT AND WALK could not sustain the impact of their singles. Apparently, issued in the late spring of 1984, benefited from the band’s horn section of Andrew Hamilton (saxophone), Noel Harris (trumpet) and John Beecham (trombone).

Their highest chart position came in August 1984 with a cover of Cliff Richard’s ‘In The Country’ and the bands second video followed featuring the band running through, well, the country of course!! The fabulous Phew Wow followed in November with the bands last video featuring the lads just having a laugh (here is a band who didn’t take themselves seriously). But after the release of their last single, I Built The World and the excellent second album WITH THESE HANDS early in 1985, the band sadly split up. Baz and Mark went on to form “The Avons” later that year with Hal Jordan, Nero Caballero & Ed Street but were sadly about 10 years too early for Britpop. Mark later joined The Nivens, Stan formed Dr Fondle and Frog played keyboards on a Julian Cope tour in the late eighties. Baz, Mark & Stan are now in The Great Outdoors


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