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Farmers Boys tribute to John Peel

Just like to say how saddened we all were about John Peel’s sudden death. He was one of those people who cut through all the bullshit, and ended up appealing in one way or another to nearly everyone.

When we first started out, our main ambition was to get a song played on John Peel, be it session or demo or even a record!. We made it, and following on from that was all very nice, but nothing compared to that initial thrill. I think I can honestly speak for all Norwich Bands with reference to this. Its funny that, even at our advanced age, we still felt the same thrill when John Peel played the Great Outdoors stuff on the radio!! He honestly has given a focus, and changed the life of so many people. I fear for all those starting out with their bands – they will no longer have such a focus – no-one will replace him. Alternative music on the radio will now just mean “Corporate Indie”. Excellent Norwich bands like Bearsuit, who dare to be that little bit different will have to possibly compromise more than they want/need to to get national radio exposure – now how unhealthy is that. Remember him with a smile though, its how he’d want it to be, and think of his family left behind in a much less stimulating world.

Stan (26th November 2004)



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