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Portrait of the artist as a consumer (NME)


I really like the Fall. Was Moved by Microdisney when I saw them. ZZ Top are quite funny.

Old: Hoots Mon by Lord Rockingham’s XI, Tell Laura I Love her. Don’t know who sings it but it’s the sickiest classic ever (Ricky Valance actually, Ed) (Ray Peterson actually, hipper Ed)
New: Closest Thing To Heaven by The Kane Gang, Dolly by Microdisney, Gimme All Your Lovin’ by ZZ Top, No One Waits Forever by Orson Family

Squeeze, The Singles Album, Buzzcocks, Singles Going Steady and Serious Drinking, Revolution Starts At Closing Time

The cement garden by Ian McKewan, History of Torture (can’t remember author), Angling Times, Peter Powell Book of Rock and Pop (no true “sensitive artist” should be without it), The Guardian’s the best newspaper! I prefer the Sun and the Star to the Mirror nowadays. Robert Maxwell is one of the biggest arseholes of all time.

Minder, Channel 4 news, Sale of the century (It’s from Norwich y’see), Any Australian soap opera

Christiane F, Gallipoli, Local Hero

I like buying/driving extremely ropey cars (£5 – £50) I hate boxing. Apart from that I can take or leave any actresses, actors, drinks, sex symbols, footballers, poets, painters, clothes, make-up, likes, dislikes etc. It’s bound to be good sometimes and bad sometimes.


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