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Review - Sheffield Leadmill NME

Two grossly incongruous bands without a drumkit between them, one quicksilver comic and a group of videotruckers obsessed with trash. It hardly seems the bill to warrant more than a thousand people scurrying through doors that hold facilities for only six hundred. Perhaps it was because I chose the entertainment. Perhaps not.

Fast emerging contemporaries of the northern Sex Societies, Ipso Facto parade a gothic intrusion with panache to spare. To the dissonant sounds of a whip cracking drum machine, funereal bass overkill and the lead singer ripping his shirt to shreds, these single-mindedly diabolical chidren stand on the verge of tearing the city of steel and socialism and reactionary musical cliques to bloody pieces. But more of this macabre four piece later.

After years of hawking a bag of jokes around every pub in Sheffield, the regularity of his appearances on The Tube and Radio One are at last establishing Mark Mi Wurdz as one of the most honest and funniest men around. Half an hour of relentless newsreel delivery with a gag in every line gains him thunderous applause. He even gets them to sing along to an impromptu lyric detailing the events of the preceding morning when Michael Heseltine was assaulted with a variety of (relatively harmless) missiles.

The Farmer’s Boys could only really follow that with a Country and Western set which they delivered with hilarious spontaneity. Slipping in their three singles whilst handing out free records to the assembled masses, the evening ended on a high note as Ipso Facto had started it: Baz, the singer threw out a collection of ABC singles (my own in fact) only to see them come hurtling back. A casual passer-by on his way to the laundry, wearing a gold lame jacket, was apparently not amused.

Amrik Rai

This may be June 1983 when Scottish Nuclear protesters threw eggs at Michael Heseltine – there’s no date on the article


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