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I Think I Need Help

Cover art for I Think I Need Help

Waap Records - Waap 3 (7" & 12") April 1982


Whatever Is He Like?

Cover art for Whatever Is He Like?

Backs Records - NCH001 (7") July 1982



More Than A Dream

Backs Records - NCH003 (7") November 1982


More Than A Dream (re-issue)

EMI 5367 (7") December 1982


Muck It Out

Cover art for Muck It Out

EMI 5380 (7", 12" & 'Pig' Disc) April 1983 (Char Pos. 48 - 6 weeks)



This was the first time we’d used a real producer and it was a bit strange at first, and a bit strange when Collins tried to rewrite the song! Eventually we settled halfway between what he wanted and what we wanted, and so began the gradual demise in our working relationship – he eventually stopped working with us to produce Nik Kershaw – say no more! The single was released in March on 7”, 12” and silly shaped picture disc, reached number 48 in the charts and sold about 30,000 copies. ‘Muck It Out’ was also released in several foreign countries and reached number 35 in New Zealand.

The song was previoulsy recorded on two occasions – one for a flexi disc which was given away free with a magazine called ‘Masterbag’ – now no longer available. The other recording was for a demo session eventually released on a free single that came with ‘For You’ This latter version was, in the band’s opinion, probably the best version and is the closest to that which we played live. The title (Muck It Out) has nothing to do with the song and started out as a joke.

The words vary from version to version but the full lyrics are available if you follow the link…

For You

Cover art for For You

EMI 5401 (7" Double Single & 12") July 1983 (Chart Pos. 66 - 3 weeks)



Get Out & Walk

Cover art for Get Out & Walk

EMI - EMC 1077993 (LP) & TC-EMC 1078014 (Cassette) October 1983 (Chart Pos. 49 - 1 week)



The first EMI album. Great melodic pop songs, very catchy, sense of drama, sense of irony. Features the excellent singles ‘For You’ and ‘More than a Dream’

Re-released on CD in June 2009 – Available from Amazon


Cover art for Apparently…

EMI - FAB 1 (7" & 12") April 1984


In The Country

Cover art for In The Country

EMI - FAB 2 (7", 12" & Pic Disc) August 1984 (Chart Pos. 44 - 5 weeks)


Phew Wow!

Cover art for Phew Wow!

EMI - FAB 3 (7" & 12") November 1984 (Chart Pos. 59 - 3 weeks)


I Built The World

EMI - FAB 4 (7" & 12") January 1985


With These Hands

Cover art for With These Hands

EMI - EJ 2402901 (LP) & TC-FBLP2 EJ 2402904 (Cassette) March 1985


Their second EMI album: With These Hands which features not only the unforgettable ‘In The Country’, but also their fab follow-up singles ‘Phew Wow’ and ‘I Built The World’.

With These Hands (re-issue)

Cover art for With These Hands (re-issue)

Vinyl Japan ASKLP126 (LP) & ASKCD126 (CD) June 2001


Available on Amazon

Once Upon A Time In The East

Cover art for Once Upon A Time In The East

Backs Records - NCHCD 19 (CD) January 2003


“Early stuff was great fun – recorded in living rooms/small 8-track studios. The first foray into a true studio was recording ‘I Think I Need Help’. From that, sessions came, which were hard work – loads to do in a short time. From the first session, ‘Spring’ sticks out as the best. The flexidisc of ‘Muck It Out’ was recorded in a day and when given away with Masterbag, it actually got played 5 times in a week on Radio 1. The session version of ‘More Than A Dream’ I think is the best version we recorded.

You can buy a copy of the album by emailing Stan at

I think this album is pretty much the best of us in that we were in total control of what we did – just writing, recording and playing with no thought of sales/charts etc.”

Stan (Guitarist – The Farmers Boys)


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