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Pleased to say I have this in mint condition! I was also in the fan club and saw the 'Boys play in Camden as part of the Norwich Night Out along with the Higsons, Serious Drinking and Popular Voice. Great memories...

By GeeTee on 2010/02/06

My mate Ian and I were reminiscing only last week about the gigs in Norwich all those years ago. Playing 'Help' for the first time in perhaps 20 years, the lyrics found their way into our memories much easier than we could give justice to! Wow. What a band, hung out to dry by EMI.

By Phil Love on 2009/11/18

I loved I think I need help and remember John Peel playing it and telling us all it was just a couple of minutes too short. How can I get hold of a CD or download version? I am desperate to hear it again and can almost remember all the lyrics. Glad to find the album on i-tunes grin

By HH on 2009/10/29

Well..... I heard "In the Country" on Alan Carr on the radio this evening by The Farmers Boys. I woundered if it could be THE Farmers Boys that I knew back in the 80's as I never knew they had ever made a chart hit, so I googled them. I did wonder what happened to them as they never made it big time so thanks for the website.

By Sarah on 2009/09/26

Recently (summer 2009) found this 7" in my vinyl collection from Cambridge student days and it still brings a smile to my face. A great piece of songwriting and nice bright arrangement. I love it. Ripped to an mp3 now and in regular rotation on my playlist. Extra special because no one here in the USA knows what it is (sorry!). Thanks for the fun song.

By Barry Trimmer on 2009/09/23

Great site that has awoken many memories. I was working in Norwich HMV in Top Shop when the Waap and Backs singles appeared and remember the excitement generated by a local scene emerging led by people you had a pint with in the Jacquard (Stan). Not only the Farmers' Boys and the Higsons but Screen 3 and Vital Disorders who recorded the wonderful Prams. I still have all those great early records and a cassette of the Boys playing a John Peel session. One memory that has particularly stuck is the first time I heard the band launch into Country Line - at the Gala Ballroom I think. To that point most Farmers Boys songs had seemed quite fairground Associates to me (in a good way)but when Baz launched into his country croon I couldn't resist a silly smile that returns even now whenever i think of the moment or the song. Hope to hear it live again one day.

By Colin Potts on 2009/06/17

Yes sweet, sweet tune bringing back memories of the early eighties touch of orange juice happy days

By john king on 2009/05/26

Perfect pop indeed. Quirky but beautiful intro and delightfully chugging drum machine. One of my treasured 7"s. Sweet memories of seeing them perform at Portsmouth Poly c.82

By Jam Master Sticky on 2009/01/10

Was 'round my mate Tiggers' place last night - he dug iut his shaped picture disc of 'Muck It Out'. Ah...bliss!!! Needs slight repair, but plays like dream. Burn that bad boy to the pc, and revel in all its glory on the ipod. Jealous??? You should be!!!

By Chippy on 2008/04/16

This track just popped into my head over 10 years after selling all my vinyl singles to a record fair - why did I do it???? A fantastic tune - now WHERE can I get this track on CD?

By Pete Wells on 2008/04/15

The best song ever written, takes me back to a more innocent time, a love lost and a cold night sleeping on a Bradford station platform after your gig in 1983.

By Chaz Boy on 2007/07/04

my favorite song according to my last.fm profile. Timeless perfect pop. I play both the 12 inch version and the album version.

By dysfirkin on 2006/08/07

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