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For years, decades even, this has been my ultimate "song I love that no-one else has heard of". I often play it when I'm DJing (at Spellbound, my alternative 80s night in Brighton), and people come up to me straight afterwards asking "Wow, what was THAT?" What's even more exciting is when I spot someone on the dancefloor mouthing the words, so I know I'm not alone. Interesting to read that the production is seen by the band as a compromise, because to me it sounds absolutely killer.

By Simon Price on 2010/03/13

Found a copy of For You in the local 2nd hand shop, and took it home because the sleeve made me wondering what kind of music I had to expect. This is one of those rare days you get pleasantly surprised as an avid music freak.. Sounds great!

By Bams on 2008/03/14

I don't know why I don't like all my friends.

By MadeInScotland on 2008/02/15

Colin is indeed a star and this site wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the hard work he put in collecting the memorabilia you see here!

By Rach on 2007/10/01

"Funky Combine John" is mint!!!, just as good as the a-side!!!. As far as b-sides are concerned this band were the 80's equivalent of British/Japanese rockers Feeder, as their b-sides like the FB's better some of the a-sides!!. Colin used FCJ as the background track on the original site smile. He was amazed that I was about 23 at the time in 2003 when I e-mailed him that I discovered this band. I got into them when I was flicking through the Guiness Book Of British Hit Singles, and came across the name thinking it sounded good, and did a google search and found his site!!!. Great stuff it's been kept alive smile.

By Marc Bowen on 2007/09/23

One of the best songs never to be a hit in the 80's. Me and my mate Tigger loved this track, and 23 years later, I wish I still had it. I binned the cassette of 'Get Out And Walk' a few years ago. What a twat!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/07/06

Reminds me of girlfriend trouble I was having at the time! It seemed to fit my situation. Still a great song that should have seen commercial success. Also loved the B-side Funky Combine John!

By Richard on 2007/02/23

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