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Back in the day, I heard Muck It Out & rushed out to score the import vinyl of For You. The bonus tracks EP just blew me away, & I've always wished they could have continued in that vein. What was it that got into them? Something that was dropped into their beer? I never understood why they didn't break big. Their sound right there was a new genre of Synth Punk -- very short songs, intense, heartfelt, very very melodic & clever subject matter. One of a kind. God Bless 'em!

By Dannyboy on 2010/07/31

'For You' was one of my favourite, favourite songs of my late teens. I can't have heard it in about 15 years, so if anyone out there knows of a way of acquiring it in electronic format, you could make someone pushing 40 very happy...

By Andrew on 2007/10/16

For my 40th birthday on 6 October, my mate Tigger gift wrapped the double 7" of 'For You' he brought back in 83...what a bloody star!!! 6 tracks, including the demo of 'Muck It Out'. Already burnt onto my pc and played to death on my new 160gb ipod. Mates all chipped in to pay for that bad boy. Life's good!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/10/09

Just having another nostalgic moment. I haven't listened to this lot in ages due to being unable to play my vinyl on anything that isn't going to chew it up. I have such joyous memories. My second grown up gig was spent at Teesside poly with my brother listening and dancing like my life depended on it to such joyful chords. Happy times xxxxxxx

By Heather on 2007/04/21

The soundtrack of my youth. They don't write 'em like this any more wink

By pops on 2007/03/19

My friends and I listened to nothing else for a year around 1984-85 and only fancied boys with round glasses and crew cuts. Are you out there Scottie and Liz? Make mine a Valpolicella.

By fifi on 2007/03/10

I was deeply in love with this record twenty years ago. Where did all my 45's go? Why didn't I like all my friends? Wonderful.

By Patrick Joseph on 2006/06/30

According to EMI "As for The Farmers Boys we have recently licensed the original albums to a third party as we feel there is not enough of a market to justify the release ourselves." BUT don't give up hope :0)

By Rach on 2006/06/09

Think the lyrics to the way you make me feel are superb - make me smile whenever I hear them. Why has this album never been re-released?

By Stig on 2006/06/09

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