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Great to see "Get Out & Walk" reissued. Shame they couldn't get the song titles right on the track listing. Careless mistakes, tsk.

By Simon Jenkins on 2010/06/10

Get out and walk, what a classic, on a par with soul mining (the the), swoon (everything but the girl) high land hard rain (aztec camera) great music, killer melodies great beats and magic keyboard lines...never forgotten.....

By tony brereton on 2009/11/17

Me and my mate Bob used to busk For you and The Way You Made Me Cry back in 1984. Never made any money but at least we had fun, especially when busking whilst riding round Chester on a tandem. Ah the idiocy of youth!

By Ravi on 2009/02/13

spent the last two weeks trawling the net for farmer's boys stuff ! well worth it, i now am the proud owner of BOTH albums on MP3 including the 12 inch mixes ! email me if you need anything.thanks

By paul keveney on 2008/12/06

More found here. Brings back good memories.

By Rick on 2008/12/04

just unhearthrd a picture disc of the farmers boys,muck it out and funkey combine, any body want it

By julian on 2008/11/10

Is there anyone out there that has CD's or MP3's of their albums. I miss their music and would really like to get a hold of anything. My small but very special record collection was stolen a while back and I have just started to try to rebuild what I lost. It is a very painful process but one that I am trying to do slowly. If there is anyone other that can help please let me know

By Manley on 2008/10/08

thank you thank you thank you. I never thouht I would find a site for the Farmers boys! I loved this band and even had a bit of a 'pen pal' relationship with Baz. I feel so young listening to their fantastic music. So far ahead of the times. I adored them. Unfortunately i left Norwich in 1985 and no one had heard of them! all my vinyls were thrown out by a bitter ex husband. i have none of their stuff but i still look everyday to try and find them.Please emi re-release get out and walk and with these hands. we deserve satisfaction. once again thank you so much for the site. I will be back xx

By Annie Adams on 2008/10/03

I NEED all the farmers boys stuff on CD can anyone help. That would make Life Wonderful.

By Rob on 2008/09/26

The cd is top quality!!! Listening carefully, you can just about make out that it's from the vinyl album, with the extended mixes n'all...a right result, as we say down here in good ol' Brighton. Already on the ipod, and has had several listens throughout last night and this morning. Out for beers last night, so...'think I need somethin' refreshin', think I need a soft drink'. Coooooome on!!!

By Chippy on 2008/09/04

A work colleague has managed to rip onto cd, 'Get Out And Walk' from a torrent site - God knows what it sounds like, as I've not yet listened to it, and I'm in the office. Can't wait to get that baby into the cd player, and burn it for the ipod. Lucky, luck me...

By Chippy on 2008/09/03

Still looking for the CD or MP3 of Get out and Walk! Getting older and grayer and want to listen and smile - Happy Days in Norwich! Thanks

By Simon on 2008/07/22

There's currently one listed on ebay (the site)

By Rach on 2008/04/10

Looking for vinyl copy of Get Out and Walk. Will pay reasonable price -- US resident -- Texas

By Tom Aiken on 2008/04/10

We are seeing quite a few vinyl copies appearing on Ebay ATM - you can register to be alerted when new items are listed.

By Greg (PD) on 2008/03/23

So, several people have asked but I haven't seen the solution: how can I get hold of Get Out and Walk for itunes... I miss the album bigtime!

By Karl on 2008/02/10

Go to Carty FM podcast through itunes, and get his latest podcast. Farmers Boys track played from 'Get Out & Walk'. Dedicated to me (Chippy)...which is nice!!!

By Darren Stuart on 2007/08/05

Have found 'One Of The Best Investments I Ever Made' on a blog site. Great to hear this one again. Whay hasn't 'Get Out And Walk' been issued on cd. Or, for that fact, more of The Farmer's Boys? Takes me back to school days at Stanley Deason...

By Darren Stuart on 2007/07/06

I would also love a copy of this on CD....can anyone help? My all time favourite album!!!!

By wilma on 2007/05/03

I too would love to find this on c/d I have a very good vinyl copy and am considering buying the DAK system to download vinyl onto my pc to solve the problem. This is a great record and one that can be played from start to finish. They had zero airplay here in the states but I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the "Boys" from a friend. Forever grateful for that!!

By Rich Mac on 2006/12/31

Is there any way at all of getting this album on CD or even as MP3 files ?

By Steve Johnson on 2006/11/08

I've just put an MP3 copy CD on eBay. Quality very good. I'm including the original tape that I copied it from to comply with copyright.

By adrian on 2006/09/02

Happy to pay for this album on CD or MP3 - so many memories!

By simon on 2006/09/01

The best album unavailable on cd out there.

By Archie McVicar on 2006/08/15

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