Once Upon A Time In The East

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Yes! This CD IS available... I should know, I bought a copy smile You need to email: Stan at ian.thirkettle@ntlworld.com and he'll sort you out. (The site needs to be made a bit clearer, I think most people don't even know you can buy The Farmer's Boys stuff on CD!). As per popular request, here in the track listing for Once Upon A Time in the East: 1. I Lack Concentration 2. Or What 3. Squit 4. Autumn 5. I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends 6. I Think I Need Help (Early Recording) 7. Squittest (Early Recording) 8. Muck It Out (Flexi Disc Version) 9. Spring^ 10. Funny Old Mr. Baz (Whatever Is He Like?)^ 11. With These Hands I Built The World* 12. Description of the River Wavney at Wortwell* 13. Soft Drink* 14. Drinking and Dressing up* 15. The Country Line* 16. Funky combine John^ 17. T.O.S.D.^ 18. More Than A Dream^ 19. Homo Kino * Peel Session tracks ^ Recorded for The David Jensen Show

By JohnnyW on 2009/12/01

Hey Could you post (or email me) a track listing for Once upon a Time in the East? Cheers, Graham

By Graham on 2008/01/07

It did indeed. You can buy a copy by emailing Stan at the address under the album listing on the releases page

By Rach on 2007/10/25

Did this ever get released? I've never come across a copy yet ;(

By Darren Stephens on 2007/10/22

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