For You

Cover art for For You

EMI 5401 (7" Double Single & 12") July 1983 (Chart Pos. 66 - 3 weeks)

Drinking and Dressing Up

Fashion and glitter, make mine a pint of bitter,
Beautiful child, I’m drinking half of mild.
You – Yes, you – help me drinking and dressing up.
Neckscarves and whitespats, ashtrays and ripped up beermats,
You wear your bonnet, I’ll sip my gin and tonic.

You – Yes, you – help me drinking and dressing up.

No point in thinking – I’ll carry on my drinking,
You’ve got no dress sense, two pints for 98 pence.

You – Yes, you – You cause distress in me.

I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Like all My Friends

I see them. We laugh, have a drink,
Don’t know what they think.
They ask me – “Where you going today?”
Tell them the wrong way.

What’s happening? Can’t sit on my own,
Don’t want to stay home.
Misgivings, I like them again,
My loving I send.

Its harder, and darker in here,
Just can’t find an end.
I know them, I just don’t know why,
I don’t like all my friends.

Something That I Ate

Something’s happening,
Very strange.
Maybe I should just cry out,
Again again,
All that pulsing,
Coming from the heart,
or was it something I ate?
Right from the start.

If it was salmonellae,
D’ya think I’d tell her?
I don’t think you would.
Find the time,
Maybe speak your mind,
I’m not too certain.
Make me think what I ought to drink,
Would you believe what I’m on about?

Feeling, happenings,
Very queer.
Maybe its something they dropped
Into the beer.
Echoes, Visits,
Coming from below.
Or was it something I ate?
I just don’t know.



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