Muck It Out

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EMI 5380 (7", 12" & 'Pig' Disc) April 1983 (Char Pos. 48 - 6 weeks)

Muck It Out

I can’t work it out
you can’t stand me up
time is on hand, I’ve learnt my lesson
time is so short, but it’s so precious to us
I laugh, you cry, but tell me why you lie

You told me you’re sorry I wait all night for you
waiting impatiently, I’m sorry too
You call me up when I was working so hard
But now I’ve done nothing and you’re sorry too

I can bear it out
Please don’t tear me up
Each time it’s worse, worse than the last time
this time’s the last, if it’s not clear work it out
I’ll stay, you go, is there something I should know

I can bear it out
No more twist and shout
Essence is rare, I’ve known it’s sweet taste
Bitter’s the breath, breath on the mirror of love
I laugh, You cry, but I’m not like those other guys



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